An original post apocalyptic action adventure short based on the Fallout video game universe.

The year is 2281, 200 years after the great war and nuclear holocaust, the atmosphere is poison. Between pockets of threadbare civilization, law and order cease to exist. Humans are left to fight over scraps and every encounter has fatal implications.
Mika, a battle tested courier, traverses the godforsaken wasteland of the Mojave desert. She has learned to survive in this kill or be killed world through shear force of will and an allegiance to a strict code of survival. A code that ensures a life of solitude and one she never breaks…Until she has to, to protect the only thing worth a damn in her life.
Mika and the Scrappy Boy she is traveling with make an exchange for a lucrative package. But the other courier has been followed and now a rogue squadron of NCR Troopers led by their Kurtz like commander, Colonel Burroughs, hijack the packages. Mika narrowly escapes but decides to sacrifice herself to save the Boy from the clutches of the maniacal Colonel Burroughs.




Our faction forms like Voltron to make incredible images and tell good stories. If your fists were lions you’d be pretty excited too.

So here’s how it all stacks up. We’ve brought together some talented people to collaborate on this project. It all started over at Squadron, our not so secret weapon, and post production platoon. But we’re committed to getting as much in camera as possible and are bringing together a ruthless production team as well. Brian Hilliard and Chris Mills form the practical FX regiment and Inka Sherman will outfit the cadre.

We’ve also scouted some great locations and know that we can craft some distinctive images and really bring the Fallout universe to life.

We were all inspired by the possibilities of a gritty genre take and in creating not just an action piece, but something driven by the characters. We’re excited to see this movie and hope you are too, fans and newbies alike.

Nikolas Smith

Nikolas Smith


Award winning filmmaker Nikolas Smith is a director with extensive professional experience in many disciplines, working on narrative and commercial projects as a director, producer, writer, cinematographer and sound designer. His short films have played at festivals across the United States and his commercial clients include Disney, Sealy, Sleepy’s, WorldWide Golf, and Hyundai.
Jason Scherbert

Jason Scherbert

Executive Producer

As a boy,  I lived and breathed movie magic. Always trying to figure out how they did it. Now, as an executive producer, I get to make the magic. Squadron is my collective of creatives–from direction and editorial to visual effects, it’s my goal to see every project through to the end.
Robert Exner

Robert Exner


Holding nearly every position from PA, Coordinator, to Camera Operator, Gaffer, Key Grip, and Producer on his trek to Los Angeles, Rob continues to master many aspects of production with one goal in mind–do selective work, and do it above expectations.



Yes, we have a great team assembled thus far, but there are still many shoes to fill. Blue Rock Media and Squadron are looking for your help.

We need artists to help Squadron with the massive amount of VFX shots we’re utilizing to bring this world to life. As it stands now we can only offer copy/credit, but are looking to build lasting professional relationships.

Anyone can help – heck, if production or post isn’t your thing, donate. We’re actively seeking investors/donors for our project. We’ll be launching our Kickstarter campaign soon, so keep an eye out for Fallout_Lost/Found there. If you would like a more direct connection with us please do not hesitate to contact us about helping out financially.

We’ll be updating the site as things develop, but definitely check out our Facebook page for bonus material and to the minute updates.

And of course if you would like any further information – be it for your own personal interest or for a media outlet we’re here.

Thanks for your interest in this project.

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